Fenix HM70R Rechargable Head Light Torch

Fenix HM70R Rechargable Head Light Torch

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The Fenix HM70R LED Head Light Torch is perfect for your most arduous pursuits. Offering some of the best functionality on the market, this head torch is ready for almost any task. Whether caving, running, work, or professional use you will never be caught short.  As with all of the Fenix products, no stone is left unturned when designing these products. The premium build quality is clear to see. Take the metal heat-dissipating head which is much more expensive to produce than plastic headlamp bodies as well as the very best electronics and LED’s available.

The HM70R is waterproof down to 2 metres for an impressive 4 hours. The unique construction with it’s replaceable battery, high-performance LED’s and electronics are all contained within a precision machined housing that creates ultimate durability for the toughest working and outdoor environments.  Charging is carried out via a USB-C socket which is accessible under the aluminium screw cover. Charging the 21700 battery takes just 4 hours using your 2A mobile phone charger or similar.

  • Digital output regulator that maintains constant output
  • Mode memory that remembers the last used lighting level
  • LED battery level and charging indicator behind silicon button cover
  • Can use an 18650 battery with ALF-18 battery adapter sold seperately
  • Internal waterproof charging socket
  • Perforated, breathable comfort headband
  • Reflective strips on headband for added visibility and safety
  • 2m impact tested for durability
  • 180 degree tilt mechanism for adjustable beam alignment
  • Beam lock out to prevent accidental activation during transport
  • IP68 waterproof at 2m for 4 hours
  • Dustproof
  • Wide operating temperature window between -35 to + 45 Deg C
  • Fits Fenix ALG-03 V2 helmet mount for hard hats and caving helmets

Main Beam

The primary 1600 lumen LED and reflector provides a balanced combination of spot and wide area spill light, lighting near and far at the same time. Fantastic illumination to cover a wide variety of tasks. The main light provides output levels from 30 to 1600 lumens and covers an incredible 186 meters at maximum best output.

  • Low – 30 lumens for 100 hours – 26m beam
  • Med – 150 lumens for 30 hours – 53m beam
  • High – 500 lumens for 6 hours – 105m beam
  • Turbo – 1600 lumens for 2 hours total – 186m beam (heat protected – output will reduce to protect the LED and circuitry at 65c. Max power can be restored once the headlamp cools)

Flood Beam

The HM70R V2 has a pure flood beam that offers 2 output levels to provide 70 and 400 lumens. Whether you require a low level beam for close working or a powerful pure flood with no hot spot, this headtorch has everything you need. Run times vary from a powerful 8 hours working light, to an impressive 2 days at 70 lumens!

  • Medium – 70 lumens (48 hours) – 16m beam
  • High – 400 lumens (8 hours) – 38m beam

Red Beam

Protect your night vision or set up an emergency signal with the low level red beam.

  • Red – 5 lumens for 400 hours – 5m beam
  • Red SOS – 5 lumens for 800 hours – 33 days – 5m beam



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