Nitecore NU33 Rechargeable LED Headtorch

Nitecore NU33 Rechargeable LED Headtorch

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The Nitecore NU33 is a compact and powerful headtorch, with a primary white LED with a maximum output of 700 lumens.  At full power output the beam range reaches up to 135 metres.  The power source is a built in 2000 mAh Li-ion battery which is charged via the included USB-C cable.  Additionally, the main light offers 3 brightness levels, and the white auxiliary light offers a further 2 levels.  Backing up the white lights there are two red modes (flashing and constant) which are ideal for night photography, wildlife observation, and star gazing.  Additionally, the NU33 features both SOS and beacon modes for emergency situations.

Device operation is carried out via the two top buttons.  Both the power button and the smaller mode button make this very simple to operate.  The power button turns the light on, allowing both the main white and auxiliary white lights to be used.  The smaller mode button allows the red light to be used as well for the different operational modes to be accessed.  Double press the mode button and you get access to the SOS and beacon functions.

Four battery indicators ensure that running out of power isn’t an option just when you need it most.  An independent lockout function also prevents accidental light activation.



  • Triple output USB-C rechargeable LED headtorch
  • Primary white LED with a maximum output of 700 lumens
  • Equipped with a high CRI auxiliary white light
  • Additional red light to protect night vision
  • Unibody optical lens system with multi fascets for reflecting a soft and uniform light
  • Built in 2000 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 2 different sized operation buttons offer one handed operation
  • 5 brightness levels, 2 special modes and 2 red light modes
  • 4 power indicators to give an accurate battery power readout
  • Tough polycarbonate shell
  • Impact resistant to 1m
  • IP66 Environmental waterproof rating
  • Turbo: 700 Lumens – 4 hours runtime – Beam range 135m
  • High: 200 Lumens – 9 hours runtime – Beam range 73m
  • Mid: 60 Lumens – 38 hours runtime – Beam range 39m
  • Low: 50 Lumens – 47 hours runtime – Beam range 15m
  • Ultralow: 6 lumens – 147 hours runtime – Beam range 6m
  • Auxiliary red light (constant on): 13 Lumens – 26 hours runtime – Beam range 8m
  • Auxiliary red light (slow flashing): 13 Lumens – 50 hours runtime

The above figures are based on ANSI/PLATO FL1-2019 lab testing conditions.  Real world usage may vary.

  • Torch Type: Triple output rechargeable LED headtorch
  • Operation modes: Turbo, High, Mid, Low (aux), Ultralow (aux), Red constant, Red flash, SOS, Beacon
  • LED type: 1 x Primary white LED, 1 x Auxiliary LED, 1 x White high CRI LED
  • Luminous Flux: Maximum 700 Lumens
  • Beam range: Maximum 135 metres
  • Beam angle: 100°
  • Batteries: 1 x Built in 2000 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Strap: Fully adjustable
  • Dimensions: 62.3 x 46 x 35.6mm
  • Weight: 95.5g
  • Body colour: Black
  • Torch construction: Tough polycarbonate
  • Finish colour: Black
  • Switch type: Dual button
  • Environmental rating: IP66
  • Impact rating to 1m
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2 years
  • Regulatory compliance: CE / RoHS

Supplied in retail packaging:

  • Nitecore NU33 head torch x 1
  • USB-C to USB-A charging cable x 1


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